#5 reliable home remedies for emergency relief from dental pain

#5 reliable home remedies for emergency relief from dental pain

Toothaches can be literally painful and torturous. Intense pain may compel you disrupt the usual courses of life. in those acute pain conditions obviously you need to see a dentist. But it is always not possible to get through to a dentist right away. That is why it is important for everyone to have some idea about at home emergency toothache relief. Let us discuss few tried and tested tips in the following sections of the blog post.

Before we start discussing at home tips to get relief from severe tooth pain at home it is important to discuss the basics. First of all it is important to identify the cause of tooth pain. When know the actual cause of the pain or the root of your problem then you have won almost half the battle.

Identify the cause of tooth pain

Everyone must have some firsthand experience of tooth pain. From that experience we know that toothache not only affects a tooth or two but also affects the nearby jaws. An emergency dental pain relief expert says there can be several factors behind a tooth pain. It may be because of an infection, receding gums or a decaying tooth. There can also be several other factors other than the ones mentioned above behind the severe pain in your tooth. If the pain is lingering for over three days without any sign of improvement then you must go and see a dentist without any more delay. Until then here are a few easy remedies to provide you relief from your nasty toothache at home.

Practically tested tips for emergency toothache relief

Apply cold therapy

If the cause of your tooth pain is either an injury or swollen gums then cold therapy is perhaps the best solution. You can ease the pain using either an ice pack or a cold compress. Wrap the cold object in a towel so that it causes no cold burn. Hold the cold object wrapped in a towel on the outer side of the cheek at the site of pain. Keep rotating the object along the surrounding area. You should also take it on and off ever few minutes. Continue the cold therapy for at least 15 to 20 minutes a time. It is better if you could repeat this several times a day.

How does a cold compress work? Whenever you apply anything cold your blood vessels constrict. This results in slowing down of the flow of blood around the affected area. This helps minimising inflammation and pain.


Natural cloves contain a substance called eugenol. This substance is a powerful anti inflammatory agent. As such cloves have been in use to minimise pain in the tooth over the ages in India. The procedure of using clove to beat toothache is also pretty simple. Throw a whole clove into the mouth. Use the tongue to hold it on the site of pain. Within 5 to 10 minutes it will start its magic and gradually the pain will be reduced. You can either use whole clove or clove oil. Clove oil is readily available in the market at many chemist shops. It is even more potent that whole clove. So you must not use more than a drop or two every time. Alternatively you can also prepare a clove paste at home suggests an emergency toothache pain relief expert. The ingredients you need are simple – ground clove and a little water. You can also add just a few drops of olive oil. Ground the items together to form a paste and apply the paste to the affected tooth. Even if you hold a dried clove to the pain site for at least 20 minutes to half an hour there will be much relief from the pain.

Use of raw garlic

One of the important substances found in garlic is allicin. This substance has powerful antibacterial property and can fight infections. Because of the presence of allicin garlic is a vital component in the world of medicine since the ages. Although raw garlic gives a bad smell yet its medicinal value cannot be ignored. Crush some garlic and mix a little salt to it. Now apply that object to the site of pain and wait for some time till garlic takes its effect.

Rinse the mouth with lukewarm salt water

This is another widely tried and tested therapy to ease tooth pain. Rinse the mouth with lukewarm salt water. Lukewarm water mixed with salt is both antibacterial and anti inflammatory. If there is any inflammation or swelling in the mouth the salt water rinse can take care of that. Moreover rinsing itself, helps loosening up food particles trapped between the teeth. But you should repeat this therapy at least thrice a day. Each time you are swishing water in the mouth for about 30 seconds and not less. Every time after a swish spit the water out from the mouth. You do not have to gulp it down all the way to your stomach.

Peppermint tea

Peppermint is a reliable agent to ease toothache. Peppermint contains a substance called menthol. Menthol is an anti bacterial substance. It also gives out a fresh minty smell and taste. Add a teaspoon full of dried peppermint leaves into a pot of boiling water. Let the leaves seep for about 20 minutes. Once the solution is cold enough to swish around in the mouth you can use it. Swish for at least 30 seconds and then spit it from the mouth. There is no need to drink peppermint tea because it will not cure your toothache any better than swishing in the mouth. You can also make use of peppermint teabags. Hold a damp and warm peppermint teabag to the outer surface of the cheek on the problem site. Rotate it around the troubled zone and also take it on and off every few minutes. This lessens tooth pain. You may also add a few drops of peppermint oil on a tiny cotton ball and place it directly on the affected tooth.

The remedies discussed here are only meant to minimise your emergency tooth pain. None of these tips are permanent solution to cure your tooth pain. Many times it is seen that a toothache is only the precursor of something big and serious with your mouth. Therefore emergency dentists in London associated with Bayswater Dental Clinic you must not ignore going to a dentist to get diagnosed and get a permanent solution from your dental problem that is causing your toothache.

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