Emergency tooth extraction – Things you should know

Emergency tooth extraction – Things you should know

Tooth extraction is an overall smooth and hassle-free experience

If you are making preparations to undergo tooth extraction then we insist you go through this blog post. We are here to make the emergency tooth extraction process easier for you. For a large number of people, preparation for tooth extraction procedure proves to be strenuous.  This is why it is important to know as much as it is possible about the procedure before you undergo it. There are lots of reasons for which one may have to get a tooth extracted.  In that case undergoing the procedure in the hands of a professional dentist is the best way to get it done. But first let us quickly explore few common reasons for which tooth extraction may become necessary.

  • You may have some orthodontic or alignment issues with the teeth. So it is necessary to make room inside the mouth for your orthodontic appliances.
  • You could be suffering from some kind of dental trauma.
  • Impacted wisdom tooth proves to be a big problem for some people. If an impacted wisdom tooth is not removed it can affect the other teeth in the mouth. In addition to that the problem tooth proves to be very painful. If the impacted tooth is not removed there are severe chances of tooth decay and gum disease.

In the cases mentioned above extracting a tooth often proves much better to bypass long term problems related to oral health. Trained and skilled professionals who deal in emergency tooth extraction in London assure there is nothing to worry about both and after a tooth extraction procedure. You should stay cool and listen to the instructions of your dentist. However if you have anything to ask related to the procedure then you must clear out your doubts. So the first important thing to prepare for a tooth extraction is asking questions about the procedure to the dentist.

Feel free to ask questions to clear out both doubt and annoyance

If any query or doubt related to tooth extraction ever comes to your mind it is best to get all the answers from your dentist during your consultation. Do not bother about what you are asking or how dumb your questions are. As long as you have doubts to clear and facts to seek just keep throwing the questions at your dentist. This interaction will help you get a factual picture of the procedure. This in turn will help keeping your anxiety and worries at bay.

Stick to the treatment plan prepared by your dentist

Your dentist will guide you thoroughly both before and after the procedure. It is your duty to stick to those guidelines. When you follow those instructions carefully the tooth extraction procedure as well as the recovery phase following it becomes smooth and free of hassles. You must be on a diet of soft foods after the extraction. This helps faster healing up of the wound at the extraction site.

Share your extensive medical history

In order to make tooth extraction smooth and convenient for both you and your dentist, you must share your medical history with the dentist in advance. Without your thorough and extensive medical history in hand the task becomes quite risky for the dentists. The aspects of your overall medical history that must be shared with the dentist include the following –

  • Congenital heart disease if any
  • Bacterial endocarditis
  • Liver disease
  • Artificial joint replacement, if any
  • Impaired immune system
  • Mechanical or biomechanical valves in the heart

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When you share your full medical history with the dentist there are lesser chances of experiencing complications with the tooth extraction procedure.

Administration of anaesthesia and analgesics (pain killers)

While undergoing the procedure of tooth extraction your dentist will put you under sedation or anaesthesia. You can ask your dentist about the type of sedation that will be administered on you to numb your senses. As far as tooth extraction cases are concerned, pain management is also a vital aspect in post procedure stage. The point is some people are better aware about the type of painkillers and anaesthesia that works in their bodies. When the dentist is aware about your medical history and knows what suits your body better then the expert can easily draw a tooth extraction plan that is free from any risk.

Avoid eating before undergoing the tooth extraction procedure

It is indeed scary when you are told you will lose a tooth. But once the procedure is complete you will definitely have more comfort. It is better to skip a heavy meal at least three to four hours before the procedure. Else when anaesthesia is administered upon you that could make you feel nausea. If your dentist decides to use general anaesthesia upon you then you need to fast at least ten to twelve hours before the procedure. It is important to avoid smoking once the tooth is extracted from your mouth. Smoking can slow down the healing process of the wound at the extraction site. Moreover it may lead to a serious condition called dry socket.

Dressing for the event

While going to a dentist to have a tooth extracted you must dress comfortably. It is better to avoid tight and heavy clothes for the event. Light garments like shirts with short sleeves prove most helpful. It is also better to avoid make-ups, contact lenses, jewellery and cosmetics as much as possible.

Importance of post procedure care

The most crucial part of tooth extraction aftercare is healing of the extraction site. You should take a day or two following the procedure easy. Avoid rinsing the mouth, drinking with the straw and chewing hard foods during this period. Take painkiller medicines only if your dentist prescribes. Hold the gauze pad in its right place no more than 30 minutes to an hour following the extraction. Apply ice pack to the extraction site only on the first day and not for more than ten minutes. Have rest and avoid strenuous physical activities and workouts for 3 to 4 days after the procedure. Avoid smoking for at least 24 hours following tooth extraction. Rinse the mouth gently with a mixture of lukewarm water and a half teaspoon of salt.

Dental insurance coverage

Before undergoing the procedure you should go through your dental insurance policy carefully. Get in touch with your insurer to know how much of the expense will be reimbursed.

In addition to the topics discussed above dentists working at the Emergency Dentist London Pro have something important to suggest. You should ask one of your friends or family members to accompany you to the practice while undergoing the tooth extraction procedure. In case no one can accompany you you should take a cab back home after the extraction.

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